Charter Council

River Oak Charter School is governed by the Board of Directors referred to as the “Charter Council.”

The Charter Council has a legal, fiduciary responsibility for the well-being of the organization. The Charter Council is composed of a broad cross-section of the school community and the community at large, including parents, professionals, and community leaders.


Charter Council Members

  • Anna Rozelski, Parent Member
  • Jake Jackson, Parent Member
  • Lisa Mastros, Community Member

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are usually on the 2nd Monday of each month. Please see the upcoming agenda to confirm the next date.

All meetings start at 5:30pm, unless indicated otherwise on the agenda.

Next Upcoming Agenda:

09_11_2023 Charter Council Meeting Agenda


Learning Continuity & Attendance Plan 2020-21


Public Comment to your Charter Council

If you wish to make a public comment at an upcoming meeting, please follow these instructions:

  1. Use the communication tool below to schedule a time to speak at the next school board meeting.
  2. Speakers will provide their first and last name, their email address, the council meeting date and state if they wish to address the board regarding a specific agenda item or during general public comments.
  3. Speakers are asked to attend the council meeting virtually through the Zoom invitation link found at the top of the agenda.
  4. When it is time for the speakers to address the council, their name will be called and the microphone on their Zoom account will be activated.
  5. Speakers should rename their Zoom profile names to their real names to expedite this process.
  6. After the comment has been given, the microphone for the speaker’s Zoom profile will be muted.

Communication Tool (opens in a new tab)

Please submit your request no later than 10 a.m. on the day of the council meeting.

Charter Council Bylaws

2020-2025 Charter Document

Letter of Interest to Serve on Charter Council


Other Documents

2021-22 Certificated Salary Schedule revised 1.15.22

Current School Year - Agendas

2022-23 Agendas

1.10.22 CC Meeting Agenda

1.31.22 CC Special Meeting Agenda

2.15.22 CC Meeting Agenda

3.11.22 CC Meeting Agenda

4.11.22 CC Meeting Agenda

5.9.22 CC Meeting Agenda

6.14.22 CC Meeting Agenda 

7.25.2022 – CC Special Meeting Agenda

8.8.22 CC Regular Meeting Agenda

9.12.22 CC Meeting Agenda  

9.12.22 CC Meeting Agenda (with info packet)

9.19.22 CC Regular Board Agenda

10.03.22 CC Regular Meeting Agenda

10.13.22 ROCS Special Board Agenda

10.17.22 CC Special Board Agenda 

10.20.22 CC Special Board Meeting

11.07.22 CC Meeting Agenda 

11.21.22 CC Meeting Agenda

12_05_22 Charter Council Meeting Agenda

12_12_22 Charter Council Meeting Agenda

01.09.23 CC Meeting Agenda rev2 

02_13_2023 Charter Council Meeting Agenda 

03_13_2023 Charter Council Meeting Agenda

03_20_23 Charter Council Special Meeting Agenda

04_17_23 Charter Council Meeting Agenda

05_08_23 Charter Council Meeting Agenda

05_15_23 Charter Council Meeting Agenda

06_05_2023 Charter Council Meeting Agenda 

06_20_2023 Charter Council Meeting Agenda

2021 Agendas

11.9.2020 CC Meeting

12.14.2020 Meeting Agenda

1.11.2021 CC Meeting Agenda

2.8.2021 CC Meeting Agenda

2.25.2021 CC Special Meeting Agenda

3.8.2021 CC Meeting Agenda (revised)

4.12.2021 CC Meeting Agenda (revised)

5.10.2021 Special CC Meeting Agenda

5.25.2021 CC Meeting Agenda

6.07.2021 CC Meeting & Public Hearing LCAP

6.28.2021 Special CC Meeting Agenda

7.28.2021 Special CC Meeting Agenda

8.16.2021 Special CC Meeting Agenda

9.13.2021 CC Meeting Agenda

9.30.2021 Special Meeting Agenda

10.18.2021 CC Meeting Agenda

11.8.2021 CC Meeting

2020 Agendas




10.19.20 CC Meeting Agenda

10.26.20 CC Special Meeting Agenda

11.9.2020 CC Meeting

12.14.2020 Meeting Agenda



Current School Year - Minutes

2022 Minutes

1.10.22 CC Meeting Minutes

1.31.22 CC Special Meeting Agenda Minutes

2.15.22 CC Meeting Minutes

3.11.22 CC Meeting Minutes

4.11.22 CC Meeting Minutes

5.9.22 CC Meeting Minutes

6.15.22 CC Meeting Minutes

7.25.2022 – CC Special Meeting Minutes

8.8.22 CC Regular Meeting Minutes

10.03.22 CC Meeting Minutes-2

10.13.22 CC Special Meeting Minutes

10_17_22 Special Meeting Minutes

10_20_22 Special Board Meeting

11_07_22 Charter Council Meeting Minutes

11_21_22 Charter Council Meeting Minutes

12_05_22 Charter Council Meeting Minutes

12_12_22 Charter Council Meeting Minutes


2021 Minutes

1.11.2021 CC Meeting Minutes
2.8.2021 CC Meeting Minutes
2.25.2021 CC Special Meeting Minutes
3.8.2021 CC Meeting Minutes
4.12.2021 CC Meeting Minutes
5.10.2021 CC Special Meeting Minutes
5.25.2021 CC Meeting Minutes
06.07.2021 CC Meeting Minutes


2020 Minutes

7.23.2020 CC Minutes
9.9.2020 CC Meeting Minutes
9.14.2020 CC Special Meeting Minutes
10.19.20 CC Meeting Minutes 
10.26.20 CC Special Meeting Minutes 
11.9.2020 CC Meeting Minutes
12.14.2020 Meeting Minutes 

2019 Minutes


Archived agendas and minutes available on request.